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What People Say About the Philly Candy Show

"Great show! Hershey was the perfect location."


— Tim of Burke Candy
""It is a show where you can find a wide selection of confections and confectionery supplies."


— Richard of Madelaine Chocolate Company
"A sweet move to Hershey made the show a success. New buyers made it that much better. Business is about location, location, location... something Hershey seemed to have for the show."


— Anonymous

Some of the Benefits you will Experience with RCAP

You will be networking with folks with years of candy making experience.

You will be visiting other candy shops to pick up new ideas.

You will meet some of the most successful folks in our industry.

You will have your own set of candy resources for problem solving.

You will have great training opportunities at your finger tips.

You will be able to contribute to the growth of the candy industry.

You will know the latest trends and what trends are over.

Some of the Companies that are Represented at Our Shows

Years in Service

The Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia was founded in 1918 for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge about candy making and retailing among Philadelphia area confectioners.

Customers Served

Companies Represented

Members & Associated Members

Currently, we have over 300 active and associate members through out the United States and Canada.

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