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Retail Confectioners Assoc. of Philadelphia


About RCAP


RCAP LogoThe Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia was founded in 1918 for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge about candy making and retailing among Philadelphia area confectioners. Currently, we have over 300 active and associate members throughout the United States and Canada.


RCAP LogoOur goals are simple: inform, educate, enlighten. From independently owned mom and pop businesses to large, multi-million dollar corporations, we aim to provide a network for confectioners to share ideas, solve problems, and to develop their candy making skills.

The RCAP is perhaps best known as the sponsor of the Philadelphia National Candy Gift and Gourmet Show held twice a year in Atlantic City, NJ. It is the largest trade show dedicated to the retail confectioner, and attracts exhibitors and speakers from across the country and around the world. Admission to these shows, and all educational seminars, are free of charge for trade members.

The History of the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift and Gourmet Show was Founded in 1949 by a few local suppliers displaying at Christmas and Easter RCAP meetings, it was an instant success. Eight original exhibitors continue today. They are Asher’s Chocolates, Buy-Vue Displays, Casani Candy Co., Crawford Candies (Plantation Candies, Inc), Koppers Chocolate Specialty Co., Merckens Chocolate Co., and Nestle Co. (Peter’s Chocolate Co.) Housed in Philadelphia’s Broadwood Hotel then the Ben Franklin Hotel, the Show grew steadily.

With its dedication to service, RCAP has provided the show at NO ADMISSION CHARGED TO THE TRADE, and at unmatched low cost to exhibitors.The show has been possible by the dedication of untold individuals over the decades; as well as the enthusiasm of RCAP members at large. Early committee pioneers of the Show were Harry Nuss, James Asher, Philip Wunderle III, Bill Medlicott Sr., Bud Asher, Jack Lees, Marty Bevan, Peter Gerhard, and Erwin von Allmen. The Current Committee is CO-Chaired by Dave Giambri and Bruce Smith.

RCAP welcomes special challenges of the 21st century. We strive to maintain the personal touch that established the show's industry preeminence. With our members and enthusiasm, we look forward to growth as we become a world-class event from the humble beginnings of a unique local organization, the Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia.