Exhibition Floor

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A Speciality Box 202
Abdallah Candies 411
Albanese Confectionery 312
Alternative Air 101
Artist Point Gift Wrap 515
Asher's Chocolates 302
Birnn Chocolates of Vermont 512
Blommer Chocolate Company 611
Burke Candy Ingredients 201
Buy View 212
Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate 216
Casani Candy Company 301
Celebrations Fun Foods 608
Coblentz Chocolate Company 517
ChocoVision 305
Coe & Dru 412
Country Fresh Foods 516
Duerr Packaging 704
Dutch Valley Foods 113
East Coast Mold 406
Gertrude Hawk 506
Giambri's Quality Sweets 702
Guittard Chocolate Company 712
H & C Sales 222
Hilliard's Chocolate System 122
Impress Packaging 206
Jelly Belly 402
Linnea's Inc. 211
Lucas Candies 606
Lucille's Candies 308
Madelaine Chocolate 502
Marshmallow MBA 102
MC Publishing Company 106
Met Speed Label 207
Mid Atlantic Gourmet 108
Penn Scale 416
Plantation Candies/ Sweet Success 307
Pour-N-Pack 418
Rae Lou's 205
RCAP 716
Retail Confectioners International 104
Royal Wholesale 612
Ruppert's Candy 118
Savage Bros. Co 316
Simplex Paper Box 311
Skips Candies 407
Supreme Chocolatier 602
Sweet Packaging 615
The Nutty Bavarian 218
Tomric Systems, Inc. 715
Victoria's Candies 511
Wandix International, LLC 105
Wricley Nut 203

Albanese Confectionery

Alternative Air

Asher's Chocolates

A Specialty Box

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

Burke Candy Ingredients

Buy View

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

Celebrations Fun Foods

Abdallah Candies

Blommer Chocolate Company

Casani Candy Company


Coe & Dru

Country Fresh Foods

Duerr Packaging

East Coast Mold

Giambri's Quality Sweets

Guittard Chocolate Company

H & C Sales

Hilliard's Chocolate System

Impress Packaging

Jelly Belly

Linnea's Inc.

Lucas Candies

Lucille's Candies

Madelaine Chocolate

Marshmallow MBA

Met Speed Label

Mid Atlantic Gourmet


Penn Scale

Plantation Candies/ Sweet Success


Royal Wholesale

Ruppert's Candy

Savage Bros. Co

Simplex Paper Box

Skips Candies

Supreme Chocolatier

The Nutty Bavarian

Wricley Nut

Artist Point Gift Wrap

Coblentz Chocolate Company

Gertrude Hawk

Rae Lou's

Sweet Packaging

Victoria's Candies

Wandix International, LLC


Dutch Valley Foods

MC Publishing Company

Retail Confectioners International

Tomric Systems, Inc.