Exhibition Floor

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A Speciality Box 202
Abdallah Candies 411
Albanese Confectionery 312
Alternative Air 101
Anchor Toffee 812
Asher's Chocolates 302
Barry Callebaut 521
Birnn Chocolates of Vermont 512
Blommer Chocolate Company 611
Bonart Sweeties 114
Burke Candy Ingredients 201
Buy Vue Displays 212
CakeSafe 805
Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate 216
Casani Candy Company 301
Celebrations Fun Foods 608
CK Products 818
ClearBags 522
Chocolate Moonshine 810
Chocolate Packaging Concepts 418
Chocolate Works 723
ChocoVision 305
Clasen Quality Chocolate 314
Coblentz Chocolate Company 517
CocoaTown 623
Coe & Dru 412
Country Fresh Foods 516
Da Chocolate 108
Deliciously Different Fudge 614
Duerr Packaging 704
Dutch Valley Foods 113
FancyPants Funtime 205
FBM-Food Boscola Machines 802
Gertrude Hawk 506
Giambri's Quality Sweets 702
Green Mountain Flavors 515
Guittard Chocolate Company 712
H & C Sales 222
Hilliard's Chocolate System 122
Hope Loves Company / ALS Association 622
Impress Packaging 206
JA Packaging 714
Jacques Torres Chocolate 808
Jelly Belly 402
Kookaburra Licorice Company 813
Life of the Party 323
Linnea's Candy Supply 211
Lucas Candies 606
Lucille's Own Make Candies 308
Madelaine Chocolate 502
Marshmallow MBA 102
MC Publishing Company 106
Melville Candy Company 801
Met Speed Label 207
Mid Atlantic Gourmet 510
The Murnane Companies 621
Northeast Specialty Foods 410
Penn Scale Mfg. Company 416
Perfect Choco 209
Pioneer Plastics 116
Plantation Candies/ Sweet Success 307
RCAP 716
Reppert's Candy 118
Retail Confectioners International 104
Royal Wholesale 612
Savage Bros. Co 316
Scala-Wisell International 616
Simplex Paper Box 311
Skips Candies 407
Speach Family Candy Shoppe 613
Supreme Chocolatier 602
Sweet Packaging 615
TCF Sales 722
The Nutty Bavarian 218
The Revere Group 112
The Ribbon Print Company 708
Taste of the Industry Room 814
Tomric Systems, Inc. 715
Victoria's Candies 511
Wandix International, LLC 105
Weaver Nut Company 421
Wilbur's of Maine Chocolate Confections 107
Wricley Nut 203

Albanese Confectionery

Website: www.albaneseconfectionery.com
Phone: (800)-736-0581
Email: janw@albaneseconfectionery.com
State: IN

Alternative Air

Website: www.aafixtures.com
Phone: (609)-261-5870
Email: mbanksaafixture@aol.com
State: NJ

Asher's Chocolates

Website: www.ashers.com
Phone: (267)-384-2760
Email: customercare@ashers.com
State: PA

A Specialty Box

Website: www.aspecialtybox.com
Phone: (918)-629-6712
Email: ccalvert@calvertco.com
State: OK

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont

Website: www.birnn.com
Phone: (802)-860-1047
Email: truffles@birnn.com
State: VT

Burke Candy Ingredients

Website: www.burkecandy.com
Phone: (414)-964-7327
Email: tim@burkecandy.com
State: WI

Life of the Party

Website: N/A
Phone: (732)-828-0886
Email: j.soltis@soapplace.com
State: NJ

Buy Vue Displays

Website: N/A
Phone: (856)-751-2767
Email: buyarch@verizon.net
State: NJ

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

Website: www.cargill.com/chocolate
Phone: (800)-558-9958
Email: kathy_koszuta@cargill.com
State: MN

Celebrations Fun Foods

Website: www.celebrationsfunfood.com
Phone: (419)-381-8088
Email: cjpcelebrations@aol.com
State: OH

Abdallah Candies

Website: www.abdallahcandies.com
Phone: (800)-348-7328
Email: madonnas@abdallahcandies.com
State: MN

Blommer Chocolate Company

Website: www.blommer.com
Phone: (312)-226-7700
Email: stacey@blommer.com
State: IL

Casani Candy Company

Website: www.casanicandyco.com
Phone: (856)-488-0045
Email: casani145@aol.com
State: NJ


Website: www.chocovision.com
Phone: (845)-473-4970
Email: ian@chocovision.com
State: NY

Coe & Dru

Website: www.coedru.com
Phone: (909)-599-5500
Email: fchu@coedru.com
State: CA

Country Fresh Foods

Website: www.countryfreshfood.com
Phone: (865)-435-2655
Email: estockton@countryfreshfood.com
State: TN

Duerr Packaging

Website: www.duerrpack.com
Phone: (724)-947-1234
Email: sales@duerrpack.com
State: PA

Giambri's Quality Sweets

Website: www.giambris.com
Phone: (856)-783-1099
Email: dave@giambris.com
State: NJ

CK Products

Website: www.ckproducts.com
Phone: (260)-442-3832
Email: shirley.burdick@ckproducts.com
State: IN

Guittard Chocolate Company

Website: www.guittard.com
Phone: (917)-658-1899
Email: lvidal@guittard.com
State: CT

H & C Sales

Website: www.handcsales.com
Phone: (781)-344-6445
Email: howard@handcsales.com
State: MA

Hilliard's Chocolate System

Website: www.hilliardschocolate.com
Phone: (508)-587-3666
Email: jbourne@hilliardschocolate.com
State: MA

Impress Packaging

Website: www.impressivepackaging.com
Phone: (616)-399-3575
Email: bob@impressivepackaging.com
State: MI

Jelly Belly

Website: www.jellybelly.com
Phone: (800)-323-9380
Email: blavin@jellybelly.com
State: CA

Linnea's Candy Supply

Website: www.linneasinc.com
Phone: (330)-678-7112
Email: chris@linneasinc.com
State: OH

Lucille's Own Make Candies

Website: www.lucillescandies.com
Phone: (609)-597-7300
Email: janice@lucillescandies.com
State: NJ

Madelaine Chocolate

Website: www.madelainechocolate.com
Phone: (718)-945-1500
Email: rbutler@madelainechocolate.com
State: NY

Marshmallow MBA

Website: www.marshmallowmba.com
Phone: (717)-739-6622
Email: marshmallowmba@gmail.com
State: PA

Met Speed Label

Website: www.metspeedlabel.com
Phone: (215)-946-7200
Email: bob@metspeedlabel.com
State: PA

Mid Atlantic Gourmet

Website: www.trgp.net
Phone: (732)-278-0341
Email: paulmidatlanticgourmet@gmail.com
State: NJ


Website: www.shopmodpac.com
Phone: (800)-666-3722
Email: sales@modpac.com
State: NY

Penn Scale Mfg. Company

Website: www.pennscale.com
Phone: (215)-739-9644
Email: michael@pennscale.com
State: PA

Plantation Candies/ Sweet Success

Website: www.plantationcandies.com/candy/shop/
Phone: N/A
Email: N/A
State: PA


Website: www.phillycandyshow.com
Phone: (888)-226-3989
Email: showmgt@phillycandyshow.com
State: NJ

Royal Wholesale

Website: www.royalwholesalecandy.com
Phone: (856)-222-1336
Email: miked.royal@gmail.com
State: NJ

Savage Bros. Co

Website: www.savagebros.com
Phone: (847)-981-3000
Email: beata@savagebros.com
State: IL

Simplex Paper Box

Website: www.simplexbox.com
Phone: (800)-233-3143
Email: cbender@simplexbox.com
State: PA

Skips Candies

Website: www.skipscandies.com
Phone: (215)-297-5604
Email: skipscandies@comcast.net
State: PA

Supreme Chocolatier

Website: www.supremechocolatier.com
Phone: (718)-761-9600
Email: gretchen@supremechocolatier.com
State: NY

The Nutty Bavarian

Website: www.nuttyb.com
Phone: (407)-444-6322
Email: davidz@nuttyb.com
State: FL

Clasen Quality Chocolate

Website: www.cqc.com
Phone: (608)-467-1130
Email: info@clasen.com
State: WI

Wricley Nut

Website: www.wricleynutproductsco.com
Phone: (215)-467-1106
Email: info@wricelynutproductsco.com
State: PA

Coblentz Chocolate Company

Website: www.coblentzchocolates.com
Phone: (800)-338-9341
Email: contact@coblentzchocolates.com
State: OH

Speach Family Candy Shoppe

Website: www.speachfamilycandy.com
Phone: (315)-478-3100
Email: info@speachfamilycandy.com
State: NY

Gertrude Hawk

Website: www.gertrudehawkchocolates.com
Phone: (570)-342-7556
Email: stucker@gertrudehawk.com
State: PA

Sweet Packaging

Website: www.sweetpackaging.com
Phone: (800)-486-0444
Email: tom@sweetpackaging.com
State: OH

Barry Callebaut

Website: www.barry-callebaut.com
Phone: (312)-496-7493
Email: andrew_gioia@barry-callebaut.com
State: IL

Victoria's Candies

Website: www.victoriascandies.com
Phone: (570)-455-6341
Email: paulespo@msn.com
State: PA

Wandix International, LLC

Website: www.wandix.com
Phone: (201)-498-1290
Email: info@wandix.com
State: NJ

Chocolate Packaging Concepts

Website: www.pour-n-pack.com
Phone: (401)-369-9719
Email: pauld@pour-n-pack.com
State: N/A

Dutch Valley Foods

Website: www.dutchvalleyfoods.com
Phone: (717)-933-4191
Email: rmiller@dutchvalleyfoods.com
State: PA

MC Publishing Company

Website: www.gomc.com
Phone: (920)-259-6969
Email: gail@gomc.com
State: WI

Retail Confectioners International

Website: www.retailconfectioners.org
Phone: (800)-545-5381
Email: angie@retailconfectioners.com
State: MO

Tomric Systems, Inc.

Website: www.tomric.com
Phone: (716)-854-6050
Email: stucci@tomric.com
State: NY

Melville Candy Company

Website: www.melvillecandy.com
Phone: (781)-775-3454
Email: david@melvillecandycompany.com
State: MA

Weaver Nut Company

Website: www.weavernut.com
Phone: (717)-738-3781
Email: cschrier@weavernut.com
State: PA


Website: www.cakesafe.com
Phone: (401)-378-8766
Email: info@cakesafe.com
State: RI

The Revere Group

Website: www.rgroup.com
Phone: (866)-747-6871
Email: N/A
State: WA

FBM-Food Boscola Machines

Website: www.boscolo.it
Phone: (+39) 0331464654
Email: jfbm@boscolo.it
State: ITALY

Pioneer Plastics

Website: www.pioneerplastics.com
Phone: (800)-951-1551
Email: cswatzell@pioneerplastics.com
State: KY

FancyPants Funtime

Website: www.fancypantsfuntime.com
Phone: (201)-552-9909
Email: james.becker@wellstrading.com
State: NJ

Wilbur's of Maine Chocolate Confections

Website: www.wilburs.com
Phone: (207)-865-4071
Email: liselle@wilburs.com
State: ME

The Ribbon Print Company

Website: www.theribbonprintcompany.com
Phone: (888)-289-8101
Email: sales@theribbonprintcompany.com
State: IL


Website: www.clearbags.com
Phone: (800)-233-2630
Email: staci@clearbags.com
State: N/A

Green Mountain Flavors

Website: www.greenmountainflavors.com
Phone: (630)-554-9530
Email: stan@greenmountainflavors.com
State: IL

JA Packaging

Website: www.japackaging.com
Phone: (617)-775-2795
Email: joe@japackaging.com
State: MA

Lucas Candies

Website: www.lucascandies.com
Phone: (845)-947-1220
Email: info@lucascandies.com
State: NY

Reppert's Candy

Website: reppertscandy.com
Phone: (610)-689-9200
Email: bondo9@aol.com
State: PA

Deliciously Different Fudge

Website: www.ineedfudge.com
Phone: (330)-854-4400
Email: ddfudge@sbcglobal.net
State: OH

Bonart Sweeties

Website: www.sweeties.us
Phone: (201)-893-4109
Email: cem@sweeties.us
State: NJ

Hope Loves Company / ALS Association

Website: www.hopelovescompany.org
Phone: (215)-519-9214
Email: kaplan@cheapsneaks.com
State: PA


Website: cocoatown.com
Phone: (770)-587-3000
Email: info@cocoatown.com
State: GA

TCF Sales

Website: www.tcfsales.com
Phone: (512)-201-4443
Email: info@tcfsales.com
State: TX

Scala-Wisell International

Website: www.scala-wisellint.com
Phone: (516)-742-8160
Email: jwisell@scala-wisell.com
State: NY

Perfect Choco

Website: perfectchoco.com
Phone: (450)-658-7936 x228
Email: sales@perfectchoco.com
State: QC, Canada

Chocolate Works

Website: www.chocolateworks.com
Phone: (516)-868-8070
Email: joe@chocolateworks.com
State: NY

Kookaburra Licorice Company

Websites: www.kookaburralicorice.com and www.kookaburrakid.com
Phone: (360)-805-6858
Email: sales@kookaburralicorice.com
State: WA

Northeast Specialty Foods

Website: www.northeastspecialtyfoods.com
Phone: (401)-742-2500
Email: nespecialtyfoods@gmail.com
State: RI

Chocolate Moonshine

Website: www.chocolatemoonshine.com
Phone: (412)-302-0757
Email: briang@chocolatemoonshine.com
State: PA

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Website: mr.chocolate.com
Phone: (212)-414-2462 x22
Email: sean@mrchocolate.com
State: NY

The Murnane Companies

Website: murnanecompanies.com
Phone: (708)-449-1200
Email: mmurnane@murnanecompanies.com
State: IL

Da Chocolate

Website: www.dachocolate.com

Phone: (718)-215-9806

Email: a@dachocolate.com

State: KS

Anchor Toffee

Website: anchortoffee.com
Phone: (401) 439-1517
Email: peter@anchortoffee.com
State: RI

Taste of the Industry Room

RCAP: Coffee Station